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I have a barn on my property about a half mile or so from the house.  Every now and then I’ll walk out there at night to check on the horses or maybe grab some tools.  It’s pitch black inside. Do you have something that could light things up after dark? The days are getting shorter but my to-do isn’t.  I’m not trying to spend a fortune here, just need something basic so I don’t have to keep fumbling around with a flashlight.

Installation Example:


The Owl is our all-in-one lighting kit for off-grid structures.  It combines our most affordable long-life lithium power station with a pair of efficient 20 Watt outdoor LED lights.  With our extended 50 foot MC4 extension cord and a 50 Watt flexible solar panel by SunPower, this kit can be easily installed on any rooftop.  Unlike a glass solar panel, the SunPower flexible solar can be fastened with outdoor adhesive without making penetrations in the rooftop.

The battery unit hooks up to the two lights with a pair of regular 120vAC extension cord (also provided).  We give you two 50 foot cords to go from the battery unit to the two lights. Our goal is to give you as much flexibility of possible with the install.   The LED’s are IP 66 waterproof and can be mounted inside or outside.

The battery unit powers the lights through a 120vAC outlet.  This means you can also use the power station for charging tools, radios, and other small electronics.

What’s in the box?

  • SunPower 50 Watt Flexible Solar Module
  • Two 20 Watt Outdoor LED Lights with Mounts
  • 50 foot MC4 Extension Cord (connects solar to battery)
  • Boss Watt 150Wh Nano Lithium Battery
  • Two 50 Foot 120v extension Cords (connects battery to lights) 

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