Lead Acid or Lithium Iron Phosphate?

Lead Acid or Lithium Iron Phosphate?

Some people are afraid to try acid for the wrong reasons. Lead acid batteries are very safe, especially with modern smart chargers. In fact, most people are shocked to discover that lead acid batteries are the easiest to recycle (that's why most come with a core fee)

In the photo: An old lead acid battery awaits rebirth at the local recycling center. The liquid inside is purified, lead plates are reformed, and the plastic case is reused on the spot. A new battery is made with almost no waste. It's pretty trippy to watch. Although this battery is rated for 1kWh, we suggest only using 0.65kWh during a normal discharge cycle for longer life.

A battery this size costs about $100 at your local home center. A nice smart charger and 1500 watt inverter will run you another $200 tops for a complete mobile power system if you're on a tight budget. Otherwise, pick up the tab for lithium iron phosphate.

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