How to Size Off Grid Power System

How to Size Off Grid Power System
How much solar do I need? Which size battery? What about the inverter? Answer: Start with a plug-in power meter. A popular brand is the "Kill-A-Watt". For about $20 you can answer the big three questions of off-grid power.

It goes between your device and an AC power socket, providing key info like Watts (peak & continuous) along with kWh over time. Try to get all your stuff on a meter and then go about your daily routine for a week. With this info, I'll show you how to size an off-grid power system. More details on this coming soon.

It's easier than you might think, but everything starts with a solid idea of how many kilo-watt hours (kWh) you use on a typical day. Lights, fans, computer, the occasional slice of toast, ext... it's all got to be measured for good results. Take the time to meter all your devices and you won't overpay for batteries & solar you don't need....or worse, undersize your system and get left in the dark!

In the photo: Battery capacity is tested on two portable solar generators. I like these two units, but don't take my word it...The meter always knows Watt's up!

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